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Monomer model

In order to ensure the effect of the building facade, we use the following processes: 1, no glue marks, no stitching; 2, natural color, bright, and color similarity to the facade up to {{2 }}%; 3: The leg, door frame, window frame balcony etc. of the building facade shall be smooth and correct

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Single model sand table: In order to ensure the effect of the building facade, we use the following process:

1, no glue marks, no seams;

2, natural color, bright, and color similarity to the facade up to 99%;

3: The line legs, door frames, window frame balconies, etc. on the facade of the building should be smooth and correct;

After all the accessories go up to achieve a realistic effect with the real thing.

The flower garden adopts a grass-planting machine to plant grass symmetrically, and fully adopts the method of planting and sorting green plants by parallel lines or curve graphs and different graphics and the method of nature equipment. Choose tall or peculiar trees with bright leaves and flowers, carefully and organically match with commonly used shrubs and deciduous shrubs, solitary plant, clump planting and group planting to create a variety of courtyard landscapes.

Yilonghui industrial model manufacturer's monomer model made with water crystals not only allows the audience to clearly grasp its location and size, but also agrees with the overall crystal clear and actual effect, making the monomer model more beautiful and beautiful. Generous, attracting tourists to stay. The single model is a personal experience of the residential area. Is the density of residential quarters too high? Is the pairing of construction projects and garden landscapes harmonious? Is it reasonable to spread the internal traffic? Is the human facilities spread all around? Is the relationship between residential quarters and the surrounding environment clear? This will cause huge damage to the quality of life in the future. It is the first criterion buyers should consider when choosing a real estate industry. At this stage, the characteristics of the solid model are based on the requirements and probabilities of special expressions in the development and design. Especially when it comes to architectural models, because it is based on the development trend of the real estate industry, the display of architectural planning and design, and the classroom teaching of architectural engineering, the industrial model making method is even more so.