How to see the house from making sand table model


The vast majority of houses sold at this stage are all auction houses. In other words, before Taobao buyers decided to buy a house, they only saw the sand table model making, room type drawings and building construction of the sales unit. Among them, the most intuitive will be sand table model making. In order to fully grasp the status of the house, what should the buyer look at when looking at the topographic map of the electronic sand table?

Look at the scale. When marketing units query the topography of the sand table, they must first confirm whether the sand table is based on the actual overall planning, and also must confirm the proportion of the sand table, which is conducive to the calculation of the actual size of the residential area and the interior space of the engineering building total.

Look at the overall plan of the community. If it is determined that the sand table topographic map is made according to the actual overall planning, then on the sand table topographic map, it can be directly judged whether the relative density of the engineering buildings in the community is too high, whether the spread of public facilities is personalized, engineering buildings and gardens Is the matching of the landscape harmonious, is the traffic throughout the community effective, and its relationship with the surrounding environment?


Look at the building and its orientation. Many engineering buildings are designed and developed in stages, and pre-order qualification certificates are obtained in stages. Therefore, when inquiring about making a house sand table model, it is necessary to specify the market sales area at the latest when the new house opens. After handing over the globality, people will give top priority to the orientation of the optional engineering buildings, lighting fixtures and natural ventilation and their surrounding standards.

Look at the floor space. Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of the electronic sand table of the marketing department will expand the indoor space in the middle of the community engineering building. After grasping the proportion of the sand table model, the editor suggested that the buyer should find an opportunity to accurately measure the construction and compare the deviation between the building distance calculated by the sand table model and the actual building distance. If the error is relatively large, this means that this is obviously false propaganda, and buyers must open their eyes.

Look at the green area. Most of the sales units in each market saw an environmentally friendly electronic sand table, which gave people a feeling of high greening rate. At this time, buyers must keep a clear head and understand whether the landscaping infrastructure on the sand table model is realistic. In addition, when signing the order contract, the real estate agent can include the actual green space rate and the overall planning and spreading of key points in the contract.

Look at the traffic in the area. Generally speaking, the relative relevance of regional transportation trips on the sand table that conforms to the actual overall planning of the region is reliable. It is best for buyers to ask about the work measures in the traffic planning of the community, such as how to maintain the diversion of people and vehicles. Buyers can also choose houses with no traffic plans to reduce noise interference.

See the specific location of the package. The "service facilities" often referred to here refer not only to the public facilities in the community, but also to the service facilities around the community, such as large shopping malls, universities, and hospitals. Generally, the external support point devices displayed on the electronic sand table will be placed very close together, giving people a sense of convenience in food, clothing, housing and transportation. But in fact, the detailed addresses of surrounding large shopping malls, universities, etc. Must ask carefully.

Look at unclear buildings in the community. Many buyers will find that the sand table model is often made of some fully transparent small squares made of plexiglass panels, and there is no established engineering building, so it is necessary to pay attention to it. Because they will be public facilities in the community or engineering buildings to be overall planned. In the future, this kind of unknown engineering construction will cause some bad harm to life. For example, they will be garbage stations and power distribution equipment in the community. Therefore, when seeing such unidentified engineering buildings, Taobao buyers must have a clear understanding of the real estate agent, and it is best to burn this "uncertainty factor" into the purchase contract.

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