How to color in industrial model making


There are many complicated processes in the whole process of industrial model making, and coloring is one of the more difficult. There are two methods for coloring in the production of industrial models, one is the infiltration line method, and the other is the line drawing method. So how do these two methods color the sand table model?

1. Seepage method.

When you have already drawn the solid model, you should wipe off a part of the boundary with oil and water at the time when the boundary is drawn. Infiltrating line method is to use oil and water thinner paint with a proportion of 1: {{1}}. Pay attention to paint 1, oil and water 3.

2. Line drawing

Many people understand that most industrial model making can only have one color, and only three common colors, namely red, light blue and light yellow. In order to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the solid model, the builder of industrial model making must add black to the concave mesh of the solid model. This is called line drawing. There are also many ways to draw lines. Architectural model making is made with unique oil-painted lines. It is a bit thick at 0. 5 mm, but it is relatively convenient and suitable for novices. When you use this pen to draw lines to prevent cross-border, if I do n’t draw the solid model, you can wipe off part of the cross-border before the oil dries. The best special tool at this time is your finger.

Then use an ultra-thin soft brush to dip the paint on the concave mesh with a little diluent, and let the paint gradually penetrate the concave line. After the oil dries, the oil and water wipe the paint off the boundary. It should be noted that architectural coatings are divided into water-based paints and oil-soluble architectural coatings. If you use nitro lacquer to draw industrial models, you should apply oil-based paint to the outer net. Because oil-soluble water is not easy to wipe off water-based paint. The difference is that if you use oil paint, you must apply water-based paint. Remember, this is critical.


Sand table model making company maintains the model:

1 、 Whether in model design or transportation, it is very important to prevent wind and sun. It is best to maintain the room temperature below 35 degrees and maintain a moderate ambient humidity. Maintain the relative humidity of 30% to 80%, otherwise the solid model is very easy to degumme and deform.

2 The house where the model is placed should be kept clean and naturally ventilated, and the model without glass cover should be cleaned frequently. The model should be maintained by professional staff, and children should not touch it to prevent damage.

3 The lamp of the solid model should not be on for a long time, but should be turned off every 2 hours. If there is a real fountain, the physical model should always check whether there is water. If there is insufficient water, it should be drained immediately. Once you find that the fountain is not sprinkled with water, you should first turn off the main power switch, otherwise it will cause damage.

The necessity of coloring in the production of industrial models is obvious. The coloring quality immediately jeopardizes the actual effect of the solid model. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good mental state before painting to make a good sand table model.