Later maintenance and repair of sand table model


The maintenance and storage of the sand table model is an important link that developers must consider after transferring the sand table model. After the sand table model is accurately transferred to the real estate agent, the model company will confess how to store the sand table model to ensure that the sand table model can be successfully carried out to display daily tasks. The key points of sand table model maintenance and storage are as follows:
If the sand table model is too large to install the glass cover, the sand table model without the glass cover must be cleaned. Circuits at the bottom of acoustic materials, electron optics, electrical equipment, and solid models must also be repaired. How to open the entrance for maintenance staff is a difficult problem. Some sand table models should not only consider factors such as separation, transportation, entrance, etc., but also factors such as insulation, heating, and fire safety of the electrical appliances at the bottom of the electronic sand table. In addition, because the linear expansion coefficients of various raw materials are different from the cold converging index, it is very important to prevent the temperature difference in the indoor space made by the sand table model from being too large and to prevent sun exposure. All this often has a complete set of practical activities in actual manufacturing, but it is critical to consider this element.

In addition to the sand table model at work, the general application of solid models often has a certain storage value. If the validity period is short, the solid model can be covered with paper, cloth, plastic film, etc. Avoid dust falling. If the validity period is slightly longer, cardboard, plastic film, etc. Can be used for dust jackets. If the shelf life is very long, 2 ~ 5 mm thick flat glass can be stuck in the dust cover. Because the flat glass has good clarity and high compressive strength, it can bear a variety of dust friction , Can prevent everyone from exploring and forging the physical model, can watch it anytime, anywhere.

Regardless of whether it is architectural model making or mechanical model making, whether they are independent storage or centralized storage, they must pay attention to waterproofing, sunscreen isolation and high temperature protection, because no matter what kind of raw materials are exposed to wet and cold, sun or high temperature, they are deformed and decolored , Which is extremely bad for long-term storage. Try to cover the sand table model and glass cover with a blue-violet flannel, and add a layer of plastic film. This can not only avoid dust and sun, but also enhance the personal value of the sand table model. The design plan for making sand table models of finished products should be stored in a professional house and stored by full-time staff to make full use of its application. The model storage room provides natural ventilation, light and cleanliness to prevent direct sunlight.