How to choose a high-quality model making company


Sometimes, if you stand in front of a sand table and see a community surrounded by green grass and green waves, you will undoubtedly fill up waiting for new houses, and many marketing company offices will also care about the real situation after the new project is carried out. At the current stage of sand table model making companies, there are many uneven sand tables and uneven sand tables available. See if you are walking around with a high-quality model making company? Are you worried about short production cycle, unstable quality, and loss of after-sales maintenance service? From this perspective, in many manufacturers, how to choose a high-quality model making company has become a headache.


In many model companies, how to choose a good industrial model manufacturer should consider the following 5 levels

1 Attitude: No matter what you choose, the first thing to consider is the business process. This lies in the timeliness and seriousness of the corporate plan and participation.

2, look at the case: the previous example can show the overall strength and technical condition of the enterprise, and allow other engineering construction sample enterprises to show the contract of the previous engineering project.

3 、 Look at the factory: how to accommodate the new projects of the enterprise's processing plant and whether it can carry out writing field trips, not every company can withstand the field trips, it is a machine designed by sand table manufacturers device.

4, see the plan: the pertinence of the plan and the solution

5, see the salesperson: The salesperson can show the company's corporate culture and whether the company is socially ethical.

Real estate developers can see creating sand table models in the real estate marketing core of the real estate industry. Sand table model making is a fusion of creativity and realism. Scientific research, technicality and plastic art are integrated. It can not only give consumers a clear picture of the new project, but also the simplest communication method between interior designers and consumers.