The effectiveness of sand table model in various industries


In military movies and television writings, it is common to see marshals standing in front of terrain models to scientifically study battle plans. According to this, based on geological maps, high-resolution aerial photos or suburban landforms, according to a certain proportion, the sand table model is made of sand, chess and other raw materials.

The main use of the sand table model is widespread. It can visually display the topography of the information warfare area, and indicate the composition of enemy and foe parts, the deployment of the army and the deployment of weapons and equipment. Defense Marshals often scientifically study landforms, military conditions, and combat plans, coordinate their work and conduct unified actions, implement defensive tactical exercises, scientifically study combat examples, and summarize combat experience. Sand table model making is also common in the physical model of economic development and construction planning and large and medium-sized construction projects. Their brand image is visualized, and it is warmly welcomed by overall planning leaders and engineering project professionals.

At this stage, the sand table is being applied to the civilian industry by the engineering construction enterprises and the real estate market. Similar to the design renderings, it allows customers to clearly appreciate the panorama of all new projects, giving customers a visual impression. This type of sand table model is generally based on the solid sand table, while the digital sand table is relative to the solid sand table. Compared with the physical sand table, the digital sand table displays information content universally, the design process is superb, the display information method is excellent, and the technology content is high.


The electronic sand table has created a new and upgraded somatosensory interaction from visual appreciation and three-dimensional reality. The use of this new, upgraded and innovative service project has tremendously certified the core concept of innovation in which technology changes the world. The advancement of science and technology and the use of the technology have changed the traditional information dissemination effect, and promoted the multi-media system to be more and more exciting and personalized. The use of digital sand table service projects will eventually promote the transformation and development of the relevant industrial chain and independent innovation. The interactive multimedia system integrates the high-tech technology virtual display mode with the traditional information transmission plasmid carrier, and will eventually be upgraded and used in many industries in the future.