Matters needing attention when watching sand table model making


Now there are fierce market competitions in all walks of lifeSand table model makingDesign these. Due to the unlimited profitable indoor space during this period, many large, medium and small manufacturers have just started a price war, and even sub-optimized. This creates an infinite difference in the total number and quality of business processes in the sales market.

The larger the sand table, the larger the real estate. According to the regulations of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, real estate developers must indicate the words "solid model" or "design rendering" when applying the solid model. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the quota for making sand table models when looking at the electronic sand table. In addition to making it clear whether the electronic sand table is based on the budget quota of the training program, they can calculate the training budget quota based on the budget quota.

The more beautiful the sand table is made. The higher the quality of the real estate. The production of sand table system software is relatively high. A sand table in the real estate industry generally costs hundreds of thousands of manufacturing costs. This shows that the quality of sand table model making is related to the quality of the real estate industry, but it is not necessarily proportional.

1, sand table normative

To truly grasp the useful information in making sand table models, one must first ensure that all sand tables are standardized. According to national regulations, developers must identify "solid models" when applying sand table models. The electronic sand table must be made according to the actual planning ratio. In fact, the specifications can be calculated according to the ratio, such as building spacing, planning cycle time and engineering building orientation.

2, overall planning

After ensuring the standardization of the sand table, people can start from the overall planning of the community. Whether the spatial layout of the community is effective will immediately jeopardize everyone's feelings about food, clothing and housing. According to the electronic sand table, people can roughly distinguish information such as building density, reasonable layout of engineering buildings and landscaping, internal public facilities all over, internal pavement and so on.


3, floor space

It is a more critical new project. It's about how many floors you buy to sun. The ratio of floor spaces generally does not change. Buyers can use the following diagram to estimate whether the building spacing is effective. The distance between general house buildings will take into account the sunshine regulations, which is a mandatory requirement of the overall planning. Those who pay more attention to the sun should pay attention to the distance between the houses.

4, greening rate

Perhaps, people expect that the higher the greening rate, the higher, but the real estate business just happens to be the other way around. So many sand table models are all environmentally friendly, giving the illusion that the greening rate is high. In fact, the landscaping of many residential areas cannot achieve the actual effect of displaying information on the sand table. Therefore, the greening level is to clarify the market sales situation of the place. When signing the supply contract, the key points such as the total green area of ​​the service commitment and the overall planning should be indicated in the contract.

5, building orientation

The orientation of the house building determines the natural ventilation and lighting standards of your house. Nowadays, many engineering buildings are designed and developed in stages, and the orientation of many engineering buildings in different links is different. Therefore, it is not necessary to assume that all engineering buildings are in the same direction. After listening to the detailed introduction of market sales on the spot, I will never know the specific situation of the region again. You should pay attention to the location and orientation of your favorite engineering building. You should also understand whether there is an engineering building covering the south side of the engineering building.

6, public supporting facilities

Service facilities can be divided into two categories, one is the adverse impact on the quality of life of the substation housing, waste room, pump room, liquefied gas and heat exchange station; the other is the shopping mall, swimming pool, gymnasium and so on. Convenient life and game entertainment. Needless to say too much, you feel close to it and hate you to choose to stay away from it.

7, unmarked objects

The unmarked reason is the application uncertainty, which will become garbage ponds, power distribution stations, etc. Before buying a house, you should clearly state their purpose. If there is no established reference answer, I suggest that you put an end to such unknown objects.

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