Points to note when making sand table models


0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp;Sand table model makingThe relationship with the solid model is very close. When making sand table models, people can see that the raw materials they apply are only general soil layers and wood. The raw materials at this stage include alloy materials and plastic materials. The development of raw materials has also made the development of styling more eye-catching. With the diversification of raw materials, the level of simulation has dropped sharply, which has also improved the quality of the electronic sand table model.

  1. The handicap of sand table model making should be weakened and embellished

The opening of the garden plate refers to the part of the packaging in the final process of making the sand table model, such as closed type, boundary, top service platform, laminated glass cover, etc. Case name, logo, etc. Be sure to clear it accurately. There is no formula for frame structure, bottom edge, glass cover, etc. The important thing is the size of the solid model, the height of the engineering building, the color tone and the environmental protection design style, and the elements of the place. They should coexist, be long-term, and moderate.

  2. Landscape lighting should have level awareness

Lighting fixtures should be set according to the characteristics of the scene. Matching is the situation, the protagonist nature is the protagonist, there is no top priority, no sales, such sand table model making is not a bad commodity. The new project is as diverse as possible and clearly structured to show the overall natural environment. It should be said that grasping a not-so-good bachelor's degree is crucial. The sand table production company warns you that you have been immutable in all regions for a long time, so you have received some theme honors for some parts around you.


  3. In the process of making sand table models, certain flexibility and flexibility are required.

Put the sand table model on the chassis of the car and match each other with green plants. This is all plastic art methods in art, such as chroma and attenuation coefficient. Sometimes, the reverse color of the sand table model looks different from the imagination, but the windows on the living balcony will become worse and worse. According to the construction of architectural drawings, according to the prescribed proportion, the walls are made by hand or computer carving mechanism, and then they are put together. The choice of color and texture is the key link.

  4. The environmental landscape should agree with the freehand principle.

For part of the environmental landscape, the standards are based on the interior designer. As everyone knows, when showing the hue of green plants and potted flowers, it is necessary to grasp them. It is very important to use the skill of master to express the main performance of green plants. The color of potted flowers is dispersed in the beauty of art. The image and non-image problems of real scenes and solid model scenes are opposite and unified. If it has reached its limit, it is undoubtedly not, it is obviously a strong image. The core of the problem is to grasp "God". The text accurately describes the design style and purpose of the natural environment gardening.