How to make green belt in building sand table


There are greening models in the production of the general building sand table model. Flowers and trees are very typical models in greening. In different building model making or the same sand table model, the tone of flowers and trees will be different. There are light yellow, dark green, light green and other colors. So, how can we grasp these shades? How to design and solve the color scheme of environmentally friendly flowers and trees in the sand table model? Next, we will invite the professional processing center of Yilonghui Guangzhou Architectural Model Company to give you a detailed introduction!

Similarly, in the overall planning of the sand table model, you can choose cardboard to make the model. Because of paper jams, he may also be a general female model. Why did you choose cardboard as the solid model? This should be the color of the cardboard is relatively rich. People can use white cardboard to make a straw model. In general, this kind of thing can be made of cardboard. Also become very practical


Perhaps cardboard is used to make architectural models. Sand table production company only for some small and medium-sized building sand table models with too low regulations. If this type of model specification has high requirements for strength, people can use wood to make it. Only when you choose wood as the raw material, people should be very careful in the whole process of laser cutting, it is best not to damage the original red wood grain. When the red wood grain is destroyed, the consistency of the solid model is very easy to be destroyed, so we must maintain its consistency. Perhaps some people also choose steel to make people's sand table models. The three raw materials mentioned above are particularly suitable for building model making. As everyone knows, the actual choice of customers lies in their own actual situation.

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