Elements that a perfect sand table model should have


DetailedSand table modelWill attract everyone's attention. Real estate developers regard sand table model making as a marketing tool. When an engineering building is opened to the outside world, this physical model will produce great benefits. On the one hand, it will be displayed to the customer on the extreme, on the other hand, it can attract customers' consumption. Creating a sand table model is necessary, but what are the factors of a good-looking solid model?

First, the model must strictly implement the proportion system. Only accurate models can properly demonstrate the honesty and trustworthiness of engineering construction and real estate agents. If a physical model is inversely proportional, it will defraud customers or make all physical models feel less attractive.

Perhaps, we must make a detailed solid model for each key point by hand, to ensure that each part is not not smooth. Even the interior of the house is artificially synthesized, not a simple solution. Due to the sensitive eyes of the customers, when they see the detailed physical model, they will feel involved in it.


It is necessary to effectively raise lighting fixtures. The application of lighting will also further improve the model level. In general, the light yellow light will be used to light up the black inside of the model, so that every part of the sand table model can be shown to customers. Apply light effects to light up all models, so that the model can obtain sufficient light sources, simulate the actual effect of the sun in the daytime or the effect of the light strip at night, and enhance the realism of the model. The effective planning model occupies an area that depends on the size of the solid model and the application of materials. The planning model occupies a large economic benefit, which is neither extravagant nor wasteful of materials. Of course, the most important thing is to choose the best materials. Good materials can improve the model.

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