What information do I need to see to see the sand table model?


The sand table model is based on the information about the scale of the electronic sand table, the overall planning of the community, the landscaping and the overall planning of the neighborhood. This is very critical, you must understand.

1, scale information

The sand table is directly proportional to the real estate industry. You can only wait for the sand table made by the proportion to see the details of the house more accurately. Otherwise, even if it is loaded, it will be incorrect information. Therefore, when reading the article sand table, we must first clearly grasp the scale information of the sand table.

You are at one point, you can determine whether it is equivalent to the surrounding buyers, you can also view the proportion of legend information made by the sand table model.

2, look at the overall plan of the community

The sand table model is a true portrayal of the community. Therefore, on the sand table model, people can also see the status of the community, such as whether the relative density of the community is too large, and whether the combination of engineering construction and garden landscape is harmonious. Don't underestimate this information, it will cause great harm to the quality of life in the future. If the address is not clear, the buyer should carefully stipulate that the property management consultant should determine that the overall reasonable layout of the residential area must be fully grasped before purchasing, which is crucial for the selection of the total number of construction projects and floors.


3, see the greenery

Landscaping is now more critical. When querying the sand table model, you can query the environmentally friendly plant communities in the solid model. Based on this green plant, you can get the approximate total area of ​​landscaping. Perhaps the result may undoubtedly be less precise. If you want to accurately understand the key points of the greening rate of the community, you can ask the staff of the marketing company office. It is the control of the buyer. I believe the staff will tell you that the cost price of each building is actually different. The closer the scenery, the higher the price.

4, see the sand table surrounding planning

Buying a house should consider the overall planning of the surrounding area. If I do n’t understand the location of the house building, or if it is a newly developed area, in other words, if I do n’t understand the surroundings, you should ask for clarity. Employees must master the overall planning around the electronic sand table, and do not have to underestimate the surrounding conditions. This is very important to appreciate the future engineering construction. Real estate developers not only develop engineering buildings when developing new projects, otherwise the surrounding environment and equipment are perfect, otherwise they will carry out appropriate development project investments in the surroundings.

On the left and right are the content of information that Bian Xiao told people to query when querying the sand table model. Although the sand table models are not real engineering buildings, they are all based on the future appearance of the engineering buildings. In addition, everyone can only choose a house based on the sand table model. Therefore, people who do not know how to look at the sand table model should know how to look at them. Friends who can see them should look at them carefully and comprehensively.