What is the mechanical model making process


Mechanical model making is generally made according to the following process

1, production of mechanical model base

Construction engineering construction must build a good foundation, construction engineering construction is like this. First, people must place the mechanical model smoothly to make the frame structure, then use special tools to flatten and consolidate the gravel (such as gravel), and then mark the different landforms represented by large numbers on the edge of the gravel Equipment etc.

2, production of mechanical model geomorphology.

The sand table model immediately simulates the landform, which is helpful to guide the staff to observe the reasonable layout. Therefore, the production and manufacturing of geomorphology is very critical, and it is a key step in the production and manufacture of sand table models. The sand table model landform is made by manipulating the basic appearance and contours of the landform, and then applying the matching parts of various landforms to the sand table model, and then inserting the flag. The aspect ratio of the flag is the proportion of the landform. The height and width ratio plus the thickness of the bottom sand, and then create a large number of flag sand table models to truly restore the landform.

3, production of mechanical model settings

The first step is for geological structures. This step is to immediately make some equipment in the mechanical model making, including houses, railway lines, highway bridges, flowers and trees and road blocks. Paper (cloth tape) with different total width for pavement and rural pavement, wood containing thin branches or environmentally friendly rice hull ash, etc. In this step, it is important to pay attention to the size of the pavement blocks to incorporate the horizontal scale, and the relationship between the parts should be appropriate.

4, check

The key objective is to check whether the scale of the model is appropriate, whether the scale is marked, and the north-south position of the sand table model. If necessary, Xianxia can be used to make coordinate Internet.

5, settings

The setting is to simulate yourself and opponents with block simulation, the actual setting must be clear according to the situation.


The digital model is a new concept clearly proposed by the Shenzhen solid model of the large and medium-sized initial model design and manufacturing enterprise in Shenzhen. The independently developed and designed large digital analog simulation has won the national invention patent and is reflected in the new project of Shaoguan City Planning Bureau and Shaoguan City overall planning. In the not-too-distant future, the new professional term "digital model" will replace the traditional architectural model making and become another flash point for displaying content. The digital model displays the information across the physical model electronic sandbox? It is based on the traditional electronic sandbox. Development and design of a multimedia automation program flow.