What is the use of sand table model making


Sand table modelIt is one of the most common special tools in the construction industry. As everyone knows, many people do not know that because the sand table model is only used in the field of design solutions, it is relatively less in other fields.

Its larger feature is that it can be combined with data visualization and clarity. Since many things in the sand table often have a certain symbolism, in the operation process of the sand table model, sand table production is all a real training.

It is also because of this characteristic that the sand table model also has some related functions in the application process, especially in the design scheme of the construction industry. As the design work of the construction industry is very critical, it is the most critical thing people should do before the construction of the project, but in that process, people will find that the training of the sand table model is very critical for the construction of the engineering building.


The main function of building model sand table

1, the ultimate design concept: model design is the whole process of further improvement and reliability design. The interior designer's own models are made from the two-dimensional plan to the three-dimensional image. Based on my work experience and participation in production, I can further enlighten the designer, discover the deficiencies in the design plan, and carry out improvements and improvements to make the plan design ideal.

2, specific guidance for construction: construction companies are not easy to understand or misunderstand the plan and elevation drawings, leading to the difficulty of construction and ultimately jeopardizing the maintenance of the actual effect of the design plan. It is very convenient for construction enterprises to carry out engineering construction according to the design plan, and to show the design characteristics in the form of solid models. The solid model of the intuitive brand image has a very good guiding role in engineering construction.

3, The actual effect of the design plan: The physical model is a very good form of expression to show the characteristics of the design plan to the audience. The physical model is the key way for communication between interior designers and community owners.

4, reduce design risk: Model design is one of the key steps in the whole design process, which can minimize the design risk, and has practical significance for mastering design orientation and engineering construction and manufacturing.

The effect of creating a sand table model is very large, which is why the solid model manufacturing industry can become a network hotspot. At this stage, China's technically professional electronic sand table modeling and design companies are making engineering building sand table models. Grand Canyon Group is one of the leading authoritative enterprises in China. The company has been showing model design and model design services for many years. The successful cases accumulated in the exploration and practical activities of virtual exhibition hall, intelligent electronic sand table, architectural model making, industrial model, planning model, exhibition hall model and plan model solid model are unparalleled in the industry.