Brief introduction of building model making


Architectural model making is a very precise task. Let me briefly introduce the steps of architectural model making.

1 、 Architectural model survey: The first step in learning and training architectural models is to master the model. After investigation and careful thinking, there is a basis for individual design. When learning the training model, there is no doubt. The details of the structure and technical content of the model.

2. Analytical design rules for building model making: The design rules are generally clearly proposed by the manager and user of the building model based on the actual application of the building model. In the learning and training of ordinary people, this kind of regulation generally comes from teachers, and they will formulate design regulations according to the curriculum standards.

This stipulates that people pay attention to listening to the other party ’s language, and are not suitable for cutting off anytime, anywhere, making simple records in communication, and then waiting for the summary to answer doubts or questions, and documenting the other party ’s role, method, and technical interpretation.

3. Architectural model making drawings and drawings: Architectural model design drawings must be detailed, and the level of soundness of its content is not inferior to engineering architectural design plan plans. Architectural model drawings and drawings require artistic creative manuscripts and construction drawings, artistic creativity The manuscript can be very casual, but it does not mean to paint randomly;

Each stroke must have a practical effect on artistic creative design: construction drawings can use hand painting or cad, sketchup, ps and other methods on the computer, but it must be noted that the construction drawings require people to position accurately, carefully draw carefully to ensure the building The final actual effect of the model.

4 、 Material matching for building model making: The selection and matching of building model raw materials are a key step in building model design. Raw materials can be varied, but people can only have one purpose, that is, to ensure colorful order People are satisfied with the actual results.

5, production and processing of architectural models: the production and processing of architectural models, the regulations are exquisite and careful, the precision of cutting raw materials is high, and the precision of assembly composition is high.