What do you think of the sales sandbox model?


Looking at the sand table model of the real estate industry is one of the professional skills that people must invest in their daily lives, but the sand table is not absolutely accurate, which requires people to have some basic common sense in daily life. When you look at the sand table, people must understand this basic common sense. "People generally see a small sand table model, which condenses the appearance of the entire engineering building into a certain proportion. As everyone knows, the model is a model from beginning to end, its performance interior space is present, the equipment and gardening around the building There is no way to show it, so in addition to the content of the electronic sand table, people must also understand some very key points. Let us look at the technology professional sand table company and teach people how to treat it:

1. The first one should pay attention to see if there is a scale on the sand table

The size of the sand table, in addition to determining whether the sand table is based on the actual overall planning and management scale, can be directly proportional to the size of the actual management scale, such as the indoor space in the middle of the building, the open indoor space and the orientation of the building. "In many cases, the distance between buildings in the electronic sand table and the distance between buildings and buildings, roads and roads are not very accurate. This will lead to optical illusions, so Taobao buyers should carefully careful the total housing area, Information content such as total building area, building volume ratio, building spacing, etc., such as total housing area, total building area, building volume ratio, building spacing, etc. And integrated with the overall planning of the sand table to ensure that you know.

2. See if the green space and internal traffic conform to the actual situation.

Buyers must understand whether the green building on the sand table model is in line with the actual situation. The transportation in this area is divided into two categories: separation of passenger vehicles and mixing of passenger vehicles. Taobao buyers should inquire about the countermeasures for the traffic in the community and how to plan the overall flow of car shops and non-motor vehicles in the area.

3. Overall planning.

The sand table model is a true portrayal of this community. Is the relative density of the community too high? The integration of engineering buildings and garden landscapes in the sand table will cause great harm to the quality of life in the future. Prompt buyers to carefully understand what engineering buildings and equipment the consultant has built in the sand table. A comprehensive understanding of the overall layout of the community is particularly important for the total number of engineering buildings and floor selection.

4. Look at the specific location of public facilities and buildings in the community.

If you look at building model making, you must know the detailed addresses of public facilities, such as power distribution stations, garbage bins, glass steel septic tanks, pump rooms, liquefied gas rooms, underground parking passages, etc. The electronic sand table is generally an air triangle made of plexiglass plates, and it is a public facility in a residential area. It must be disassembled.

When looking at the sand table model, one should first look at the overall actual effect of light. The other is to see the color of all sand table models, especially in the garden landscape. Watch the electronic sand table design carefully, the quality is stronger.


5. Look at the planning around the sand table.

She said: "The real estate industry sand generally marks public farmland, other development and design new projects and the key nearby equipment around the community. Large and medium-sized communities should have hospitals, shopping malls and vegetable markets, all of which should be under supervision and inspection. The yard around the electronic sand table, establish an overall plan for the future, and see if it will have a negative impact on the house. Taobao buyers will be able to clarify the sand table equipment one by one to clarify the true existence of lakes, ecological parks and green space centers around the community. Is there a new business service project according to the plan and the progress of the official website of the government.