Application of sand table model


The sand table model refers to the selection of the world's leading high-precision real-world sand table manufacturing technology. According to the seamless splicing and docking with communication satellite remote sensing data (satellite image maps, geological maps, real scene maps), to collect real three-dimensional natural geographic information data information, Combining engraving and three-dimensional spray painting techniques, presenting the characteristics of geological structure with the method of equal proportion miniaturization, and simulating the information of highway slope, water quality, road surface, plant community and so on. In addition to satellite data, it can also be based on tilt photography, high-definition aerial photography, and a small-scale high-precision real-world sand table.

The characteristics of the sand table model:

1. The sand table model has the world's leading high-precision real-world sand table manufacturing technology.

2. The sand table model has high accuracy, high recovery, and true color.

3. Really restore the earth ’s topography and landforms, cover plant communities, urban engineering buildings, etc.

4. A variety of indications, routes, and customer diversification requirements can be customized.

5. It is suitable for making sand table physical models of large areas, large format and complicated information.

The role of the sand table model:

1. Land and land planning surveying and mapping project: overall planning of comprehensive management of land and land planning, farmland surveying and mapping project, overall planning of land resource utilization, land resource utilization status survey and farmland change law detection, farmland cover information and analysis, land planning and Management methods.

2. Urban construction planning: urban (township) construction planning and transformation testing, urban expansion testing, and regional development trends.

3. Infrastructure for transportation: overall planning and management of roads, navigation and display of waterways, routes, and railway routes.

4. National defense application: quickly produce various types of high-precision national defense sand tables, covering random countries in the world, and contours, main positions, watersheds, roads, etc. must be added according to.