How to carry out the design of architectural model making?


Architectural model makingIt is an academic subject, which includes design ideas and creative methods. It can use realist methods and techniques to demonstrate the design and dimensional performance of plastic arts. It is another indispensable audit plan in the architectural design and fair basic construction plan Program. It can also be said that it has the most extensive application in domestic and foreign architectural design, capital construction or exhibition and other industries.

Above a certain level, architectural model making is conducive to the designer's writing and development, and can also easily show the designer's attempt to supplement the shortcomings shown in the design. Therefore, it is widely used in real estate, house sales, In product research and development, processing and manufacturing modeling and urban planning and other industries.

There is another round of building model making, that is, building graphics, which means that the building model is further greened above the cornerstone of the building model and many post-production, let the two be combined with each other in a proper ratio and way to make the building The model is more exciting. Architectural model making is mainly a way to present the relationship between appearance and dimension of architectural design, and it truly shows modern buildings with simplified functions and various changes in art appearance.

For example, a presentation architectural model, which places more emphasis on the internal space of the building and the layout structure, proposes to apply the true ratio and appearance. There are also moderate proposals for many colors and basic constructions. The architectural model such as the creation method can use plastic plates, plexiglass windows, metal thin plates and other raw materials. Later, it can be seen that this is also another indispensable plan for another building.