The role of terrain in making sand table model of building


Because many netizens cannot grasp the key points of the sand table model, the Yilonghui Guangzhou Building Model Company model will briefly introduce the basic rules of the geomorphic sand table. First of all, because of its excellent applicability and the ability to show the grand blueprint of the overall planning, the building sand table model is widely used in the field of urban planning and design, but also in environmental remediation, engineering project renovation, agricultural planning, real estate design, etc Many fields. Used to display its characteristics. Different models and specifications have different characteristics and use different materials. Different models are suitable for different situations. Architectural sand table model making is the expression of scientific researched system software, whole process, thing or definition. It can also refer to samples made based on testing, drawing, making larger or smaller. Such samples are generally used for exhibitions, testing or forging machine parts.

1. There are two control methods: remote control and separate control. Manual control is controlled by general power switch or manual operation panel. The manual operation panel equipment uses a plastic film touch switch, which can be installed on the surface or side of the valve body, and the side can be released and transported according to the ropeway. Infrared remote control refers to all manual operation except the switching power supply, and the remote control distance cannot exceed 8 m.

2. Photoelectric display content, road lamps, important regional category lines, etc. Use fiber optic cable as the lighting device, stage spotlight as the light source, and the color classification of the light source. The theme style can be expressed by light emitting diodes of different specifications and models. The optical automatic control system can be operated by a manual automatic switch or computer software. A part of the displayed information is controlled by a computer stored program and input into the display information module according to power amplifier components such as solid state relays.


3. At this stage, there are two types of wooden structure and aluminum alloy profile structure on the template and the outer box. The height of the hard disk surface is less than 1 meters, the best angle is about 20-3 0 degrees. At this stage, the outer packaging structure is increasingly luxurious. The type of outer packaging can be designed according to customer requirements. The basic requirement is that the outer packaging should be harmonious with the valve body, and the appearance is elegant.

4. Voice system A simple voice system can be performed according to the recording device. Under the condition of high regulations, the intelligent voice system uses the programming language to design the video voice program flow, and under the control of the computer, it uses the CD, CD drive, power amplifier and speaker to retrieve and review