Process of making sand table model


The whole process of sand table model manufacturing is a problem that most customers pay attention to. Here will briefly describe the whole process and processing technology of electronic sand table model making, and can also help you to master the whole process and cost of electronic sand table model making in a more comprehensive way.

From the perspective of solid model production technology, the overall actual effect of people's solid model manufacturing is to have a professional definition center to plan and implement specific guidance, and for many years, the technical engineers who have been manufacturing overseas solid models form an elite team to be careful And be proficient in it. Each connection point can only go to the next step after strict product quality inspection.

In terms of model design methods, Yilonghui Sand Table Model Making closely integrates new high-tech elements with traditional solid models. It often has a lot of imagination of plastic arts at the level of sound, light, electricity, image, induction coil, etc., and has a strong artistic creative way. Excellent team integrates into it. The raw materials are novel and the technology is developing rapidly. In addition, Huaye is an agent that integrates physical models, animation, logos and 3 D big digital experience, and presents the overall service. Committed to showing customers the overall marketing plan and overall solution of the exhibition hall.

People have technical professional solid model production process and colorful solid model manufacturing work experience. The company is a large industrial model manufacturer in China, with strong sensitivity, strong professional skills and business scale.

Early planning of the model:

1. According to the plan design drawings, elevation drawings, design renderings and model regulations produced by the bidding party, the implementation method and plan of the model shall be clarified.

2. Model price and cost budget: According to the construction and design style, scale, raw material technology and drawing depth of the model, the budget controller clarifies the model cost and signs the manufacturing service project order information.

Mid-term manufacturing of sand table models:

1. Model design: skilled staff carry out regular inspection and analysis of the engineering drawings, clarify the model materials, production process, production deadline and actual effect regulations, make it on the spot, and make it according to the engineering construction effect drawing produced by the tender Lighting effects and equipment on the spot

2. Completion inspection of manufacturing: the quality inspection department supervisor and project manager compare the engineering drawings with the company ’s product quality inspection specifications to regularly check and adjust the key points.

3. Party A inspection fine-tuning: The marketing manager and technical supervisor will help Party A carry out the final inspection fine-tuning.


Installation and after-sales of the later model:

1. Sand table model factory regularly inspects and shoots: Technical professional photography assists the bidding party to store the raw material file information and carry out the final processing factory inspection.

2. Entity model transportation mailbox service project: The enterprise and Party A can allocate the entity model transportation, and can also transport the entity model independently according to Party A ’s must.

3. Entity model machine and equipment debugging: The enterprise staff cleans and debugs the machine equipment on the spot when the entity model is displayed, so that the bidder can perform satisfactory separation.

4. Solid model maintenance and after-sales service: one year of quality commitment and professional skills guarantee.