Brief steps method for making sand table


Simple sand table making can exercise your hands-on ability. Let me explain to you briefly about the techniques of sand table making.

First place the sandbox frame securely.It is best to make the orientation of the sandbox consistent with the current location, and then lay 3-5 cm thick sand with appropriate humidity, and scrape it tightly with a wooden board as the plane of the lowest contour, and then mark Corresponding squares of the topographic map, note the corresponding numbers around the sandbox frame. 0010010 nbsp;

Sand table production first needs to accumulate the topography (1) according to the grid to select the lowest contour line on the topographic map, the contour line that can control the basic shape of the topography, and the top, saddle, mountain foot, tilt transformation point and Draw the location where the river waited on the sand table. (2) Put the calculated peaks, saddles, foothills, inclination transformation points and the bends of the river and other obvious waves and points, and insert bamboo sticks respectively. , Which is the height of the point on the sand table plus the thickness of the bottom sand. (3) In the range of the lowest contour, based on bamboo sticks and contours, the top of the mountain, the saddle, and the back of the mountain will be piled up first. The rough shape is used as the backbone, and then other parts are trimmed. If the sand table is large, it can be stacked in pieces. First, the difficult places are stacked, and then the convenient places are stacked. When the sand table is stacked, the topographic map should be checked at any time to correctly display the landform Undulating conditions, and the sand should be compacted at any time to avoid collapse and deformation. If there are large rivers and lakes, they should be dug together when the landform is repaired. After the accumulation is completed, comprehensive inspection and repair should be carried out, and from high to low Sprinkle the layer with sawdust that matches the color of the ground (or spray it with color).

The sand table is usually made according to the predetermined combat plan or training.It is set up with standard war chess, temporary team logos, team numbers, etc. When setting, the battle boundary is set first, and then the order from the front to the depth is followed by the enemy first. If you want to show the enemy, when you set up your defense project, you should first set up the working facilities, and then set up the tactical situation.

After the above work is completed, the detailed inspection should be carried out, and the name of the sand table, the north arrow and the scale should be marked, and the coordinate network should be pulled up with a string when necessary. This is probably the case for sand table production.