Building model design in the future market prospects


With the increasing market competition in the real estate industry, traditional display methods such as graphic design drawings, performance charts, sand tables, and model rooms have long been unable to meet customer needs. Therefore, to be sensitive to the market trends, and decisively open up new technologies and quickly transform, and strengthen marketing methods, they can take the lead and gain a good opportunity. In all kinds of housing exhibitions, some exquisite real estate models always make many people linger. These fresh and vivid architectural models allow buyers to directly experience the floor plan design and community design on the drawings.
It is understood that the main distribution of the new professional practitioners is roughly as follows: 70% of the architectural model design and production workers work in model production companies; about 15% of the architectural model design and production workers work in various booth Decoration company; 10% of architectural model design and production staff set up independent architectural model design and production studios; the remaining 5% of the personnel are distributed in major design institutes, design companies, and designer offices . However, the quality of the current architectural model design and manufacturing practitioners is uneven. Many practitioners are half-way monks, without systematic learning and training, relying on the master to bring up their own talents. Some model makers cannot read the architectural design drawings, and the architectural models produced are too far from the design creativity.
According to relevant experts of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the main positions of this new occupation in the division of labor include: model builders of architectural model design companies, model builders of booth decoration companies, model builders of real estate companies, etc. At present, domestic colleges do not have professional settings related to this profession, but there are relevant labor skills courses in the architectural department of domestic colleges, and the class hours are not many. In foreign countries, there are not many practitioners of architectural model design and manufacturing, but the level of manufacturing is more professional.
"Architecture model design and manufacture do not require particularly large scenes, and there are not many restrictions on the relative standards of practitioners' humanities, age, gender, etc. This is an urban industry without various types of pollution, low cost, and high returns. It plays a particularly important role in promoting employment and developing social economy. "Experts believe that the state standardizes new occupations and formulates professional standards for the occupation, provides a basis for measuring the qualifications and capabilities of building model design and production personnel, and is conducive to the scientificization of the new occupation , Standardized and modern management, fundamentally promote the improvement of the overall quality of practitioners.