Presentation of sand table model


To understandingSand table modelOr to understand the information content that is effective for house purchase, and to learn some related topics, it is especially critical before buying a house. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will encounter a situation in which the purchased house likes or is not very suitable for you. So how to accurately use the sand table model?


Sand table models are often herbs that appear to have many ecology. If you don't look carefully, you might mistakenly think that there are many ecological regional environments, but the same is true of the sand table model. There are many ecological regional environments, but everyone should consider the fact that there is no way to preserve the ecological regional environment in the sand table model, because it does not exclude the existence of some exaggerated components in the sand table model of the sales office.

The reason is naturally to cause buyers to purchase, so when you understand the sand table model, you should have your own judgment. You can combine it with the salesperson's story and your own statement. You can also directly inquire whether the other party is completely consistent with the actual situation of the real estate, and understand whether the other party's response is consistent with your opinion. Finally, please remember to record these topics when signing the contract.

There is a ratio between sand table model and real estate. The sand table model is a simplified version of real estate. When you understand the sand table model, you should understand this ratio. When using the sandbox model, merchants must emphasize the term 0010010 quot; entity model 0010010 quot; or 0010010 quot; renderings 0010010 quot; The ratio of the objects of the situation is indicated. In this way, you can calculate the actual situation of the house according to the ratio, and calculate the size of the room, the interval of the building, the greening rate, etc.