Look at the details of the sand table model when buying a house


When you buy a new house, most of you have to look at the sand table model. When you don't even look at the sand table model, there is nothing to see, because most of the new houses are now auction houses. There is no way to find the current house, and the current house price is relatively high. Therefore, when you and I want to buy a new house, you still have to learn and train some methods of looking at sand table models.

1, see the greenery

The sand table model of the sales department should be one of the flashing points that attracts the attention of the buyer. At a glance, the sand table model is very beautiful. I believe everyone finds that the design of the electronic sand table as a kind of overall image is very reasonable in the garden greening. Today's buyers love residential areas with stronger landscaping, but in fact, the electronic sand table design of the marketing planning company's company office will include some vivid, clean and tidy elements, which will attract a large number of buyers. Therefore, the digital sand table display information has a very strong actual effect of landscaping, and will have lifelike elements.

2, the distance between buildings

The spacing between the buildings is a great hazard to the comfort of settlement. Buyers can actually get some information about the distance between buildings when watching the electronic sand table. The electronic sand table shows all the residential areas on the physical model according to a certain proportion, and the buyer can calculate the distance between the engineering buildings according to this proportion. However, buyers should pay attention to the fact that in newly developed engineering buildings, reducing multi-storey buildings and adjusting building spacing is an unwritten basic standard, so the building spacing based on the electronic sand table is only used as a reference.

3, see package

The sand table not only shows the internal conditions of the residential area, but also shows some service facilities close to the residential area. Whether the surrounding service facilities are complete will jeopardize the convenience of people's lives, so when you look at the sand table, people should also pay attention to the surrounding service facilities. In general, hospital outpatient clinics, shopping malls, markets and other service facilities should be built around large communities. All this should be checked on the spot. The distance between the information displayed on the sand table is generally closer.

4, see unfavorable facilities

I believe that when you observe the sand table, you will not easily find all the bad facilities, such as community garbage ponds. It is not easy for some real estate developers to display such bad facilities on the sand table, making their sand table overall look more extreme. For example, garbage ponds, power distribution stations, and high-voltage power lines, which are not good for the owners of the community, can be used for overall planning in the sand table. In general, some unknown engineering buildings that fail to be marked on the electronic sand table will be some bad equipment.

The sand table model is designed by the real estate agent and displayed to the buyers. I believe everyone suspects the content of the information displayed in the electronic sand table. Therefore, after seeing the electronic sand table, home buyers can carry out field visits to areas of greater interest to ensure that they can be accepted without problems, and then consider whether to buy a house in this building.