How to make a sand table model?


In the sand table model, except for the main building, most of them belong to the category of greening. The model is mainly composed of mountains, water, green spaces, lawns, rockery, and lakes. Scene production is an important part of making this model, and it is also a key step. Next, I will introduce how to make it for everyone.

  1, Tree-building: The method of tree-building, first, the dyed sponge or plastic foam is torn into irregular pieces, and then it is bound or bound to the twisted pair or branch to form the desired Natural tree shape. The way to make a green space is to dye the selected wood powder into different green shades, and then mix it to produce a more natural green effect, and apply the emulsion evenly on the sand table model floor. In this area, spray the mixed wood powder evenly. After a small amount of dry latex, the spray gel is completely fixed.


  2, water surface production: first, brush the prepared blue-green brush on the back of the transparent or translucent plexiglass plate, and then place it face-up on the bottom plate of the sand table model, and then use rockery, gravel and The road surrounds the irregular water surface area. It should be noted that the thickness of the plexiglass board should not be too thick.

  3, rockery sketching: making sand table model rockery can be made of plastic foam, paper clay, foam board, stone and other raw materials, use wallpaper knife, sickle, sandpaper and other tools to trim into the shape of rockery and apply Color or sprinkle with grass powder. Road production Road production must first plan the road according to the model. The texture and effect of the road are achieved through different layout materials. Different materials can be selected according to different roads.