Simple sand table making process


conciseSand table modelThe production process is ready to make materials and auxiliary tools for sand table models: chassis, rails, paint, grass powder, turf, etc.

You can design the appearance and highness of the rails by yourself, and use hot silicone to pull them together. (Special attention: it must be glued firmly, no loose or inclined)

Stick masking paper on the rails, use waste newspapers to create a pre-designed shape, which can be fixed with masking paper, and then covered with plaster bandage and spray with clean water.

After the basic state is fixed, plaster cast again (special attention: be careful to avoid the rail when pouring plaster)

Coloring, pay special attention to painting dark colors first, then neutral colors, and finally highlights, weathered effect, and then planted ground cover plants. After planting ground cover plants and dusting with grass powder, you have basically finished making a simple and clear model of the sand table. Finally, don't forget to hit the rails with sand skin, and you're done.