What can you see in the sand table model making?


If you buy a new house, most of them are pre-sale houses now, so users must check the sand table model of the sales office to select the house. Some salespeople sell in the sales department, the model is very messy, you choose the house you choose, whether it is a sand table or a model house, the buyer must have his own opinion when choosing a house. Next, the editor will show you what information is hidden in the sand table model.

What information is hidden in the sand table model making, I do n’t know if I ca n’t see it, adjust the building spacing, the building area refers to the distance between buildings. When you observe the sand table model, you always feel that the ground space in the sand table model is relatively large, which is also a hidden problem in the sand table.


In newly developed real estate, reducing building height and adjusting building spacing is an unwritten basic law. Therefore, buyers should be aware of this. The area and height of the building directly affect the lighting of the owner, which is related to my life after staying at home.

Observe whether the sand table model is similar to the model you are looking at, that is, there are many lights, and they play a role in the settings. Under the lamp, the sand table model looks very beautiful. When looking at the sand table model, the buyer mainly studies whether the lighting arrangement is reasonable. Community lighting is usually tens of thousands of lights, but this may not be the case. The glory of commercial buildings promotes the prosperity of commercial streets, and the ambient light should form a tacit agreement with the greening.