Factors influencing architectural model making


Building model coloring is an indispensable step in the production, and color distribution is the first thing to pay attention to. When grading stops, you need to pay attention to many factors that affect color matching. If you ignore these factors in color matching, it will affect the color expression of the model. The following is a brief introduction by me. What are its color matching factors?

1. Environmental factors for architectural model making

  1. Operating environment: The operating environment is one of the factors that affect the color matching accuracy. When the color adjustment is stopped, the preparation should be stopped on the white substrate.

  2. Light environment: Light environment is another important factor that affects the accuracy of color matching. In order to prevent the influence of this factor, the color modulation should generally be selected in an environment with sufficient light and light scattering.


2. There is a complete reduction relationship between the production of scale meta-structure architectural models and the solid structure. The color scale given by ordinary designers is the color of a full-scale architectural concept. If this color scale is used as the basis for modulating the colors used in architectural modeling practice, it is often impossible to express the colors in the designer's imagination. Therefore, in the distribution of colors, the lightness of colors must be adjusted according to the color scale and manufacturing scale of the architectural model.

3. In order to make the color effect of the architectural model closer to the texture of the building materials, the stylist uses a variety of methods and processes to stop the color spraying when the process elements stop the color spraying of the building. In order to pursue the texture of the coating, it is recommended to use the matte effect to stop manufacturing, which will reduce the brightness of the color.

4. When the color element stops building the model color, the color itself has an important effect on color matching. Because the hue, purity and brightness of different colors will form a sharp contrast, which will indirectly affect the model's visual experience. Therefore, when assigning colors, it is necessary to adjust the brightness and purity of the colors to change the relationship between the above colors, and modify the expansion and expansion of the building model produced on the visual mesoscale.