What techniques are commonly used in sand table model making


Do you know what technology is used in the sand table model, please follow me to understand it next!

  1, water technology

In addition to the traditional water surface production methods, using the basic principles of light reflection to produce original micro-closed real water system and dynamic water surface can vividly and intuitively display the real effects of different water bodies such as oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, water channels, fountains and so on.

  2, light bracket

The sand table model uses a combination of projection systems. Projector lighting can produce a magical lighting effect for the road network relationship between the project model and the building system. In addition, the model's own LED cold light source system can transform the ordinary building model into a magic space.

  3, dynamic technology

With the help of many unique high-tech electric model technologies, the dynamic effects of the rotation of cars, trains, ships and gears can be vividly displayed.

  4, electrical technology

Unique circuit production can make and control different circuit systems in the model. The innovative circuit can vividly display the indoor lighting effect of the sand table model. The designed layered program controller completely replaces the traditional model lighting control system, improving the lighting effect .


  5, acoustic technology

The use of multimedia promotes people's appreciation of traditional models. The sand table model has a unique multimedia system, and uses the latest electronic chip to introduce a background music control system integrated with the model, so that visitors can understand the project more clearly.

  6, remote control technology

Creative free control of electrical control and dynamic systems.

  7, image technology

Use a projector to project moving objects such as cars, trains, and ships made by the computer 3 D into the sand table model, adding motion to make the computer 3 D project dynamic images such as fire, water, and clouds to the model In order to set off the atmosphere.

  8, 3D simulation technology

Use 3D real scenes and 3 d virtual reality production tools to stitch a group of photos taken in a 3 60-degree camera ring into a panorama, by pressing the button on the sand table model or clicking the sand table with a laser pointer On the corresponding area, the projector in front of the sand table can realize a full range of interactive views corresponding to the real scene.