The main role of the sand table model


The sand table model is based on technical professional engineering drawings and is made smaller according to a certain proportion. It is suitable for exhibitions and classroom teaching. Its functions are various, not only can it have comprehensive cognitive ability on the internal structure of the model, but also the color separation solution is conducive to visiting and investigation, and its video voice interpretation is easy to understand, which shows great convenience for the communication and expression of the design plan. The gap between the small design staff and the manufacturing staff, and analyze the feasibility analysis of the design scheme to prevent excess damage. The quality of the model is meticulous, and the size can be customized. It is suitable for exhibitions and personal collections. It is not necessary to have more than one exquisite and unique crafts made by the contemporary aura.

The key to making a sand table model is that the drawings will be reviewed! The model is not only focused on the production process, but also the key to combing the ideas and mastering the principles. Secondly, the application of special adhesive bonding and grinding and polishing, and the use of a glue applicator to slowly apply glue to make the surface sufficiently adhered, so that it can be bonded firmly; grinding and polishing should also be careful and meticulous, applying sanding paper from coarse to fine Carefully polished and polished, it was only at the time of the color-spraying paint that we could produce a qualified sand table model product, so that we could get the sand table model right and do it well, without deceiving people. This is the original intention of model making. In the era of intelligent systems, the model-manufacturing industry still has not lost the traditional processing technology, which shows that the necessity of traditional craftsmanship cannot be replaced by industrial equipment nowadays! Having said that, it is closely connected with industrial equipment. Traditional handicraft methods are closely integrated with laser marking components. The model is not only more beautiful and generous, but also more serious and meticulous, and the accuracy is improved, the productivity is improved, and the product quality is improved. Reaching a new aspect ratio is a milestone in the development trend of the model.

Sand table models are generally produced in the original form of the latest news product development, combined with sound, light, electricity and other model art methods. Generally, all are made by model spraying. The specifications can be customized to the size of the placement part, and can also be made into office decorations. Hand-made model model. Its surface color separation is solved, the proportion is harmonious, beautiful and generous, and it can be collected by individuals or exhibited. It is a delicate and ingenious handicraft exhibition.

The sand table model is the easiest to apply to the electric oven in the whole process of production. Put the hand-carved raw materials into the electric oven. The high temperature of a few hundred degrees Celsius makes it loose. Bake until a certain time. Remove the board after completely cooling, remove the unnecessary orderly, you can get the necessary model. A set of models has a variety of processing techniques.