Principles to be noted in the process of making sand table models


Sand table modelBecause it has real practical effects and can be applied to any variety of industries. With the continuous improvement of production and production processes, including the upgrade and update of production raw materials, the current solid model production and production process is increasingly perfect.


1. Basic principles of aesthetic concept

The production of residential building models not only highlights the relationship between the building and the natural environment, but also divides the building from the natural environment, and pays more attention to its formal beauty rules. For example, the lighting effect shows the bright and colorful light of the urban landscape, the integration of commercial sketches, advertising signs, and pedestrian gadgets. A part of the whole makes the aesthetic concept of the whole building model to a high level of appreciation, giving a unique visual effect of arts and crafts, which can achieve the basic principle of the aesthetic concept of the sand table model.

Second, the basic principles of planning

Whether it is a real estate model or the production of sand table models for industrial production, it needs to be consistent with the pace of the new era, and it must have a planned and unknown actual effect, giving people an endless reverie and allowing consumers to be immersive. Experience. The creativity of the sand table model production mainly manifests in the practical form and overall planning form that precede the idealization, and sometimes it is necessary to mainly express the things that have not been found in daily life. For example, the overall planning of subway lines for building model production includes public facilities such as schools and hospitals marked with the overall planning.

3. Basic principles of truth and effectiveness

Design concept The operation of the solid model will appear in a variety of expressions, but the change is not the same, the sand table model production should truly reflect the appearance design of the engineering building, which is also the basic principle to be followed in model production. Real and effective is the need for a real image. The stronger the expressiveness of the physical model, the better the real and effective appearance, and the more intuitively reflects the design concept.

The above basic principles are the three basic principles that must be adhered to during the design concept, design conception, production and production of the solid sand table model. In addition, the sand table model production also needs to follow the basic principles of craftsmanship. When designing and making, the designer needs to produce the production process with precision, meticulousness, and excellence, because the physical model itself is a craft art product, and has a certain process aesthetic concept. characteristic.