Details that need attention in making sand table model


So often see building models in the real estate exhibition center; there are sand table models, there are apartment models and so on. In order to have a very good visual effect, the details in the re-production process are very important. Today I will introduce the details of sand table model production:

1. Architectural framework: Usually, it is built according to the architectural plan. Each wall is trimmed with a fixed ratio by hand or engraving machine, and then pieced together. The choice of color and texture is a critical step. And real exterior decoration materials. This model is the main turbidity model. This is an independent science. Only a new art form is wise.

2 Landscape setting: reasonably grasp the actual effect during the establishment process and the actual effect in the model. Sometimes, once the expected effect is repeated, the actual effect may not be good. Therefore, the image and non-image problems of actual landscape and landscape in the model are contradictory and unified. In extreme cases, images are not images, and images and non-images are positive. The core is to master the word "God" and accurately display the style and characteristics of the greening effect.

The actual lighting effect of the architectural model: Lighting is the visual expression of the architectural model. Only with proper lighting can the characteristics of the building be better displayed. Lighting should be provided based on landscape characteristics. In residential buildings, waterscape lights should be as gentle as possible, and the background of evergreen trees should be a cold light source. During the day, street lights and courtyard lights should be laid regularly. The project should be as diverse and diverse as possible to promote the overall effect.

The above is a detailed description of the building sand table model. Sand table model making is a refined work. Every manufacturing process must be carefully controlled to create high-quality building sand table models. When building a model, the advantage of drawing colors is that you can mix and spray each desired color. The color on the building sand table model depends on each base color.

3 According to the task and size of the model to be sprayed, use a round or flat brush, foam tweezers, sponge or spray gun to spray. Sometimes, people can use simple techniques, such as drawing grids, brushes, and blowpipes to draw colors to achieve interesting results. The stucco structure can be built using light touch with a short brush. Once the bristles are too stiff, the brush lines may become noticeable and affect the overall scale. Can be coated with a very thin and even paint.

4 In all cases, we must prepare carefully. The surface to be treated should be clean and free of oil. Once it is to be coated, it should be polished and polished. Once the primary color treatment is not good, the surface can not achieve a good color spray actual effect.

5. Architects should try to keep all the blurred colors in order to use the same color tone when making other modifications or repairing damage. Water-soluble pigments lighten slightly after drying, while oil-based pigments turn black especially. Normally, when the building sand table model is colored, special attention should be paid to the influence of the lighting effect to control the actual effect.