What is the content of sand disk model chassis production?


Sand disk model chassis foundation is also an important part of the whole process of production, it is a high-quality sand disk model display cornerstone, then what is the content of the model chassis, let's go and see the following points.

1. Make a label that labels the scale of the model, the compass, the project name, the production team, or the author, and sometimes additional comments or key comments. It is important to note that all the words or symbols that appear on the sandtray model chassis are part of the entire model, taking into account their accuracy and the aesthetic effect of placement.

2, to determine the chassis specifications and style is not random, it needs to be based on the overall size of the sand disk model body and environment design. Generally speaking, in order to make the main body of the model stand out from the crowd as a whole, the composition is beautiful, the main body, the surrounding environment and the edge of the chassis will have a certain interval, the size of the interval distance can be determined according to the specific.


3, the chassis facade map in the sand plate model production, when the chassis facade map is usually the structure of the following , the construction and environmental model on the chassis is made according to the normal facade. When encountering an underground structure, the appropriate position of the chassis needs to be cut off, the underground content is fixed and pasted on the chassis to display the underground content.

4. In order to understand the weight of the main material, it is necessary to first understand and estimate the approximate weight of the material used in the main body of the building and the surrounding environment, in order to determine the selection of materials and processes to manufacture the chassis.

The above content is a presentation of the production of sand disk model chassis, different models of chassis materials, mainly for reinforcement and light.

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